Build 12 in 12


Central Highlands invites you to Build 12 in 12

The Central Highlands region of Queensland is experiencing a critical shortage of housing. The extent of this challenge is documented in the Central Highlands Workforce Development and Accommodation Strategy (WDAS).

To address this pressing need, CHDC is launching the Build 12 in 12 campaign, aimed at constructing 12 new homes within a span of 12 months.

CHDC is currently seeking Expressions of Interest from builders and developers to identify the incentives that would support their involvement in the campaign.


To lodge your Expression of Interest, either

  • complete the EOI form online OR
  • download the EOI form to submit via email.

Applications close on 15 June 2024.

WHY 12 IN 12?

With continued and sustained challenges facing the region, particularly workforce retention and attraction, coupled with ongoing housing issues, the time is right for a bold approach.

Rental vacancy rates in Emerald are at a record low of 0.5%, and rental waitlists are extensive. Other towns in the region are in a similar situation.

Employers across a range of sectors, from mining and agriculture to professional consulting and government, are struggling to fill vacancies due to the lack of accommodation.

Build 12 in 12 is all about understanding how and under what conditions a push in new builds could be accommodated in the current market. We are actively seeking the views, thoughts, and ideas from the experts in industry on what and how this could happen. Without collaboration and a genuine shift in thinking, this challenge will not be overcome.

From the use of modern methods of construction to financial assistance and land consideration, we want to know how we can collectively accelerate the construction of new housing without compromising the local asset base and expectations of community for quality housing.

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