Funding opportunities for our region

Central Highlands Grant Finder

The Central Highlands Grant Finder is CHDC’s free online portal to make it easier for you to access funding opportunities.

It’s the perfect starting point for anyone who’s never applied for a grant before, featuring:

  • Grants that are open to local businesses, community groups, not-for-profits and individuals
  • How To videos, Explainers, and Top Tips, Explainers
  • A personalised dashboard to manage and track your applications
  • Option for email alerts about new grants
  • Advanced filtering to narrow down your search by activity, industry and current/ future grants.

The Central Highlands Grant Finder is powered by Grant Guru and supported by the Local Buying Foundation and Central Highlands Regional Council.

Boost your chances

4 Steps to Grant Success

Source: GrantGuru

Think right and understand how grants operate. Then measure the effort required for a grant versus the benefit. Don’t forget to assess alignment with the program aims and also your ability to deliver your proposed project.
Grant Strategy
Build a sustainable and tailored approach to finding, qualifying and applying for grants as part of your strategic planning. We have built the Grant Finder for exactly this purpose.
Grant Writing
It’s not rocket science, but a certain amount of skill and experience certainly helps. You need to describe your business and activities in a clear, comprehensive and consistent manner and make a convincing case about why you should receive funding.
Grant Management
Once you have received a grant, there is more work to do. Consider your capacity to record, report, measure and acquit grant funds. You don’t get funded for free – you will need to justify your grant.