From the Desk of CHDC

Power of Collaboration

3 April 2024

When I became CHDC’s Regional Development Coordinator, the Workforce Development and Accommodation Strategy (WDAS) was about to kick off. It was perfect timing because the project was a fantastic opportunity for me to connect with, and learn from, key stakeholders. I am also fortunate to have joined CHDC during such a pivotal phase of work.

From the outset, I have been deeply involved in coordinating and driving collaborative engagement across multiple stakeholders to support our lead consultants, Infinitum Partners, in ground-truthing the data and shaping clear, actionable strategies.

This hands-on involvement during my initial quarter at CHDC has accelerated my understanding of the region’s challenges and complexities. It even led me, alongside Kate Isles (Infinitum Partners), to present our findings and strategies to a Senior Policy Advisor to the Housing, Local Government, and Planning Minister Meaghan Scanlon, which I found very exciting.

I firmly believe in the power of collaborative engagement, transcending titles, roles, industries, and status. It is pivotal for real change when working to alleviate challenges across accommodation, childcare, education, and lifestyle in the Central Highlands.

Numerous ongoing collective efforts across various levels are evident throughout the region. For instance, companies across the resource sector will provide housing to key workers and high school prac students, whilst others provide medical equipment to local hospitals and support numerous community sponsorships.

Groups like the Vocational Education and Training Reference group CH VET Network also convene outside their regular schoolwork hours to discuss education across their cohorts and exchange valuable information.

These underscore the commitment of individuals across the board to contribute, emphasising the importance of supporting and expanding these endeavours to foster continued growth.

What excites me most as we progress into the implementation phase of WDAS is the opportunity to further break down silos and foster cross-collaboration to actively progress the 16 documented actions.

Success is imminent if we unite our efforts.

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