Fresh Start for Agribusiness Coordinator

20 January 2023

The Central Highlands Development Corporation (CHDC) is set to take a fresh approach to supporting the region’s agriculture industry, with the appointment of a new Agribusiness Coordinator.

Noella Powell has moved to Emerald from Sydney, where she worked as an agriculture project manager for Australian Eggs for three and a half years.

CHDC CEO Peter Dowling says Ms Powell’s appointment marks a reset for the Corporation’s work in the agricultural space.

“Our first priority is to take stock of the economic opportunities for the Central Highlands’ agriculture sector, what’s needed to bring them to fruition, and how we can use Noella’s skillset, experience and connections to do this,” he says.

An industry survey will be conducted soon to help establish the way forward, but Ms Powell is spending her first weeks familiarising herself with the region by meeting producers and other stakeholders and arranging site visits.

Ms Powell, who holds a Bachelor of Science, is looking forward to applying her past experience to her new position.

“There are many similarities with my previous role at Australian Eggs but key to both roles is the huge importance of collaborating with the full range of stakeholders, producers, industry bodies and government,” she says.

“The way of thinking is similar too in that it’s about keeping front-of-mind the producers and the region they live in – the challenges they face, how things like policy and weather are affecting them, and the projects that could benefit them.”

Ms Powell grew up in a farming family in Western Australia and is thrilled to return to a regional area after living in Sydney.

“Building relationships and making a difference are deeply important to me, so to now be living in a community and be working for that community is really exciting,” she says.

“I’m also looking forward to being part of a region with such a variety of food and fibre being produced, and where agtech is a major focus.”

Ms Powell will help to coordinate CHDC’s annual Farm to Fine Dining regional produce showcase in Brisbane and the biennial AgTech field day and forum with the CHDC team.

CHDC’s new Agribusiness Coordinator Noella Powell brought welcome rain with her when she relocated from Sydney earlier this month.