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eNews 1 May 2019 - 2019 NSW Caravan Camping Holiday Supershow

1 May 2019

We've once again ensured the Central Highlands has a strong presence at what is a major event
for Australia's tourism drive market. I'm at the 2019 NSW Caravan Camping Holiday Supershow in
Sydney, together with volunteers from Gemfest. We're spending the next six days spruiking our
destination and handing out copies of the new Central Highlands Visitor Guide, which will be
widely distributed across our region over the next few weeks. This is a golden opportunity to speak
one-on-one to thousands of grey nomads and other road trippers as they plan their adventures
across Australia and get them thinking about including the Central Highlands on their itineraries.

Explore your home

There has been some great rainfall across the region recently. Everything's come up green and the
waterways are looking fantastic. That, coupled with the cooler days, makes it the ideal time to get
to know the Central Highlands better.

Start with the Gemfields. There are some great walks with an interesting array of wildlife, including
Rock wallabies, up on Policeman's Knob, just out of Rubyvale. The Sapphire Wetlands Reserve,
developed in 2018, protects this sensitive area and provides refuge for the endangered Fairy Shrimp.
After rain, visitors will be greeted by an abundance of plant and bird life and many other mammals.
Brolgas have also been known to dance around the area. The 3.8km of trails wind through 95
hectares of Coolibah, Brigalow and Poplar box trees. With a bird hide, board walks and interpretive
signs, exploring the reserve is a relatively easy walk and well worth it especially after the recent

If you are a keen cyclist or enjoy driving, the Sapphire Gemfields Treasure Trail is great fun -
Sparkling Sapphires, curious characters, and tales that may be beyond belief but really are true. If
the Trail gives you the fossicking bug, try your luck at one of the Gemmies' many fossicking parks
or take an underground mine tour. There are also many amazing gemstones for sale that have been
mined, cut and then beautifully set into unique jewelry. Don't forget to call into the area's great cafes
or award-winning country pub before you head home.

Come to the Central Highlands Visitor Information Centre in Emerald to get more information and to
pick up a new Sapphire Gemfields Treasure Trail brochure.

For more information or a catch-up, contact Tourism Development Coordinator Paul Thompson
E: pthompson@chdc.com.au or T: +61 7 4982 4386.