From the Desk of CHDC

Prime Time for Tourism

20 March 2024

Visitor information centres (VICs) are a prime rest stop for almost every traveller so a great place to promote your business to people hungry for information and keen to explore.

With our region’s annual busy season just around the corner, now is a good time to ensure your service, accommodation, or event details and promotional materials are up to date and on display at our network of information centres: CHDC manages the accredited Central Queensland Highlands VIC in Emerald and we also provide staff over the cooler months to support the volunteer VICs at Duaringa, Springsure and Blackwater.

Contact VIC Coordinator Pamela Gangadoo to find out how to involve your business – it’s free!

CHDC’s other visitor information services include:

If you’d like copies of our visitor guide to display at your business, or are interested in exploring more tourism advertising and promotion opportunities with Central Queensland Highlands, please contact me any time to arrange a visit.

Contact: or (07) 4982 4386.