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Let's Talk Cyber Security

6 March 2024

Did you know? ….

  • A cyber crime is being reported every 6 minutes
  • 43% of cyber crime targets small business
  • 6 in 10 businesses feel unprepared

Protecting your business’ technology and information from accidental or illegal access, corruption, theft and/or damage is crucial for businesses of all sizes, including small ones. Scams, email attached, and malicious software can cost a lot of time and money and cause damage to your reputation.

It appears to be a familiar issue that we all recognise but often choose to ignore because it hasn’t directly affected our business… yet. It’s not a top priority, we anticipate it will be very expensive, and while we’d like to explore it, we just don’t have time right now.

But by taking a few measures, you can enhance your resilience against cyber threats and protect your valuable assets, reputation and customer trust. Understanding that you are pressed for time, here are my top 3 non-negotiable, simple yet practical ways to safeguard your business online:

  • Secure your accounts: set secure passphrases, use a password manager and turn on multi-factor authentication where possible.
  • Protect your devices and information: turn on automatic software updates for your devices, set up security software to scan your devices and regularly back up your information.
  • Prepare: educate yourself and your staff, create a cyber security policy to protect your business and plan a response protocol for potential incidents.

For more cyber security information and support, check out these links:

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