From the Desk of CHDC

Happy to Help

12 June 2024

In my first few weeks as CHDC’s newest team member, I’ve been reflecting on why I’m drawn to these types of administrative roles.

The term well-oiled machine keeps coming to mind.

I mean, is it possible that the best drivers, the best machines, the fastest engines are all somewhat ‘useless’ without not just fuel, but oil too?

I think we can all agree that we respect things running well a lot more when they suddenly (or not-so-suddenly) do not.

Maybe not in the moment – I know I’ve had my fair share of colourful language while laying a boot into a tractor tyre, zero turn or any form of pull start – but that feeling of relief when things are working, and working well, adds value and capacity to our entire being. And perhaps an air of safety to those who are in our general vicinity.

But tongue in cheek and sarcasm aside (which is one of my non-helpful talents), there is nothing I love more than enriching and enhancing experiences. For those I work with, live with, and play with.

It doesn’t matter if I’m sweating it out at the gym, filing papers, or helping make that challenging conversation less awkward (maybe my sarcasm talent actually does come in handy), it is my prerogative in life to help make things better.

I love the idea of ‘yes, we could have done it without Lisa, but it was BETTER because she was there’.

I don’t want people to need me – it doesn’t empower them, and it gives me the ick.

And I don’t need all the accolades or to stand on the stages of the world to be clapped at.

Mind you, I do love a good chat in front of folks – but three of my closest friends and family singing me happy birthday? Bury me alive, NOW!

And I think that’s why I naturally gravitate towards roles like administration, business support, and general encouragement.

I love getting behind great people doing great work in the world. And I love that I get to do that every day at CHDC.

Contact: or (07) 4982 4386.