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Half Price Offer to Get Connected

1 November 2023

Would you like to have your produce showcased at the 2024 Farm to Fine Dining event?

We’ve opened a Request for Tender for agribusinesses in the Central Highlands who are interested in being part of next July’s regional produce promotion in Brisbane.

CHDC and the Central Highlands Regional Council have been hosting Farm to Fine Dining since 2016.

The event is about enhancing the Central Highlands’ reputation as an agricultural powerhouse and brings together key corporate and government stakeholders for an evening of networking, fine food and conversation.

The local produce is the star of the show, transformed into a beautiful three-course menu by the talented team at Blackbird Bar and Grill. The Request for Tender will help us find those stars for 2024 so if you have locally-grown fruits, vegetables, nuts and protein that we can transport to Brisbane for the event, we’d love to hear from you.

The Request for Tender process is designed to be really straightforward but please get in contact with me if you do have questions.

Find out more here.


Primary producers can now benefit from half price connectivity equipment.

The Australian Government has rolled out the On Farm Connectivity Program, which offers rebates of between $3,000 and $30,000 for the installation of new connectivity solutions on farm.

Equipment must be purchased from a list of approved suppliers, who attain the rebate on the primary producer’s behalf. There are over 70 suppliers enrolled in the program, providing a diverse range of connectivity solutions including pump controllers, fence monitors, plant growth monitors, antennas, gateways, and Low Power Wide Area Network equipment.

The supplier will handle the grant application process, meaning all the producer needs to do is work out which products will suit their needs. For help with this decision, the Regional Tech Hub is on hand to provide free, independent expert advice on all things connectivity.

Agribusiness Coordinator
Contact or (07) 4982 4386.