Having just completed two workshops aimed at raising my level of skills in the digital space, I must say that my eyes have been opened to the opportunities to promote your business and indeed to conduct business in the digital world. To anyone over the age of 50, the digital world seems to be that thing that we utilise a little bit, through websites, Facebook and other forms of social media. But we don’t really make the most of the wealth of opportunities, all of which are relatively cost neutral albeit time consuming.

As an example, one social media platform that operators should be aware of is the social pages which provide reviews of tourism related product, such as TripAdvisor. Travellers use TripAdvisor to make positive or negative comments about your business. Fellow travellers consult these sites almost religiously and so should operators.

Wikicamps is another social media stream that can be utilised to promote tourism product relatively cheaply and is definitely an opportunity for our local operators.

If you want to know more, drop me a line or an email and I will arrange for you to discuss the opportunities with a highly regarded digital marketing guru.

For more information or a catch-up, contact Peter Grigg E: tourism@chdc.com.au or T: (07) 4982 4386.

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