Central Highlands consumers have a growing hunger for authentic, fresh food. The region proudly produces quality food for Australian and overseas markets – but little of it gets eaten here in the region, and few of those who eat it know that it is produced locally.

Our region is home to fabulous farmers and producers of table grapes, watermelon, citrus, beef, grains and legumes, figs, garlic, potatoes and much more. There are significant health, environmental and economic benefits from purchasing and consuming locally produced foods.

In June, consultants Instinct and Reason conducted a survey with local residents to understand how, when and where they bought local, fresh produce and in just over two weeks, received 400 responses.  CHDC wish to thank residents who took the time to complete our survey and provide us with useful insight.

The final report was launched by the Director and Head of Australian Consulting, David Donnelly at the Meet the Food Innovators Forum 25 October. The report “Community attitudes and purchasing behaviours regarding Central Highland produce” is available here.

For more information, contact Liz Alexander.


This research has been funded by the Local Buying Foundation.