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eNews 11 June 2019 - The Value of Networks and Visibility


Some five years ago CHDC lead the way in the development of the Queensland Local Content Leaders Network (QLCLN).


What is it?

The network grew out of acknowledgment that, while it is difficult for an isolated region to achieve strong local content outcomes and progress opportunities, there is strength in partnership. The network provides the opportunity for experienced individuals from economic development organisations, local government and industry groups from the Bowen, Galilee and Surat Basins to share best practice initiatives on local content, industry participation, procurement and purchasing, and regional development.


Where are we now?

Some recent initiatives and outcomes of late include recognition within the Queensland Resources Council's 2018 Code Effectiveness Report and case studies from our regions - for the Central Highlands that was H.E.M.E.

We're also working towards advocacy for a refreshed local content definition for Queensland, designed by the regions.  This action started with the development of the Queensland Local Procurement Model Position Paper, which is the starting point for further engagement with industry and government

The Queensland Local Content Leaders Network, which includes CHDC, held its latest quarterly meeting at Adani Australia's Brisbane office.

Future of Work

On another note, it was pleasing to participate in the Resources Future of Work Roundtable - a joint initiative between the Queensland Resources Council, Jobs Queensland and BHP.


Lots of interesting themes - here's a handful to give you the gist:

ยท       Skills development underpins economic and social prosperity for Queenslanders and regions into the future.