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Central Highlands Digital and Communications Action Plan 2017-2022

Regional Action Plan

Digital and telecommunications connectivity is a key enabler of economic growth.  To embrace and adapt to a changing education, workforce and social environment, communities are requiring better quality connections with competitive speeds and reliable access.  Given the location of the region, historically the provision of these services has been a challenge for local councils and private entities alike. 

In mid-2017, CHDC engaged Gravelroad Consulting to deliver a thorough audit of the region’s digital capabilities across a range of internet connectivity options, and provide some direction for the Central Highlands Regional Council in the form of an Action Plan.  The Audit aimed to understand and identify the region’s critical gaps in digital infrastructure by conducting a range of mapping, community consultations and industry outreach activities. The Action Plan took those identified gaps and challenges, and will be able to provide the critical framework required to underpin all digital connectivity projects for the region.