A business advisory company called The Solutionist Group has found that many businesses, even very large and successful ones, are not that good at convening or running formal meetings; are worse at making wise decisions; and are even worse at sticking to the decisions they do make.

The result is culture and motivation suffer. Competent staff withdraw, or leave through frustration, productivity and profitability decline, and businesses become uncomfortable, uncompetitive, and ultimately unviable.

When that’s the case, there’s little point in holding meetings to make important decisions about improving things (professionalisation), until the business has acquired better systems and skills in holding meetings and making decisions. It’s a sort of catch-22.

Contact me if you’d like some resources on refining your business’ procedure, decision-making and time-management rules. These changes can create immediate improvements in processes and relationships within your organisation and provide a solid foundation from which you can address almost any issue you need to deal with.

For more information, contact Vicki Leeson E: VLeeson@chdc.com.au or T: (07) 4982 4386 or M: 0488 195559

This program is supported by the Local Buying Foundation

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