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Best of both worlds

Words from a local

Given the option of living in Brisbane or Emerald, you might think the metropolitan location would be the natural choice for families.

But you would be wrong!

Paul and Sonya made Emerald their home base three years ago when Paul was employed at a local coal mine. With Sonya already a pilot for a commercial airline in Brisbane, the couple had had to decide which of them would be a FIFO (Fly In Fly Out) employee.

“We could have stayed in Brisbane but we have two boys – now aged 7 and 11 – and the great lifestyle here is much better suited to us as a family,” Sonya explains.

Sonya likes that Central Highlands offers the best of both worlds.

“It’s a friendly community, I love the rural atmosphere, and getting around town is very easy,” she says.

“But, like the city, we also have access to all products and services we need, there’s great medical care, the schools are excellent and there’s plenty of choice of sports for the children.”

Sonya encourages other families who are pondering moving to the region to take the leap.

“There’s plenty to do here but if you also want the beach and bigger shops, it’s only three-hours’ drive to the coast and there are excellent air services to Brisbane.”