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eNews 16 April 2019 - Artificial Intelligence

16 April 2019

I had the good fortune of being part of the CHDC-hosted Fitzroy Region delegation to Australasia's leading global forum for innovation and technology - QODE

Artificial Intelligence - from science fiction to reality

Self-proclaimed visionary, Dr Yuval Dror, gave an energetic presentation titled The Fourth Revolution: Here comes the robots. Some forecasts suggest that over the next twenty years 50% of all jobs could be replaced by Artificial Intelligence, robots and other forms of machine learning algorithms. Dr Dror introduced the basic building blocks of this recent revolution such as "deep
learning algorithms", "big data", "exponential growth", "narrow artificial intelligence" and others. He explained in simple terms complex technical ideas and new social practices that will force us to face one of our biggest challenges: a world in which humans are no longer necessary in the labour market. He posed the questions:  What is work? What is intelligence? What does it mean to be human?

At the end he offered some thoughts on how to stay relevant in this changing world.
• Find the opportunity 
• Stay curious and learn all the time 
• Invest in soft skills 
• Mix and Mash ideas
Blend this with some key takeaways from the Regional Australia Institute's (RAI) recent Regions Rising National Summit that CHDC's General Manager Sandra Hobbs attended.

• Collaboration is vital 
• Liveability is central to ensuring attraction and retention 
• Don't wait - be self-determining
• There is a skills shortage across Australia - it's not just in the Central Highlands
• The value of independent research

 RAI Co-CEO Liz Ritchie said, "We know that when people have substantial influence of their own future and when locally-led ideas and strategies are born to solve problems or challenges, truly incredible things can occur".

I'd suggest we've known this for decades but it's always important to hear it again in context with our current circumstances.

Thankfully, greater minds than mine have instigated a plan for self-determination for our community and the economy. We have the overarching Central Highlands 2022 Community Plan and the Central Highlands Economic Master Plan (CHEMP) is our economic development playbook to drive forward with. We need to embrace it, shape it and deliver it.

Interesting times ahead...

Contact CHDC Business and Investment Attraction Manager Peter Dowling for more information E: pdowling@chdc.com.au or T: (07) 4982 4386 or M: 0427 000 285.