CHDC’S Regional Innovation Coordinator

CHDC is pleased to welcome aboard Matthew Bennett as the new Regional Innovation Coordinator.


CHDC received funding in 2017 for the Regional Innovation Coordinator from the Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation (DSITI) and has developed the program in partnership with CQUniversity, Central Highlands Regional Council, BMA, C-Res and Rural Business Collective.

Now in the program’s second year, Matt’s role will be to continue to develop the work already undertaken to promote regional innovation objectives in the Central Highlands and Fitzroy regions. Specifically, he will work to facilitate the growth of business entrepreneurial and innovation capabilities, act as a connector for local businesses to innovative people, places and programs; and help to build and facilitate stakeholder relations. Matthew will also continue to support the Central Queensland Innovation Network Reference Group within the Fitzroy region.


Matthew specialises in helping to workshop and develop innovative end-to-end solutions for businesses and problems. His combination of education and experience has enabled Matthew to deliver innovative solutions with a vision to positively influence and enhance both social and organisational end-to-end connectivity.

Read Matthew’s biography in more detail on LinkedIn here.

Matthew’s prior projects include:
iHealthry a connective system for health similar functionality for developing environments
– Albert EMS, a Non-Financial Donation System (Wastage Repurposing & Expired Food Repurposing as Feed)
Charity Bytes, a Financial and Non-Financial Donation System – Philippines, Malaysia

Here’s a selection of articles by Matthew:
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Contact Matthew on or (07) 4982 4386.

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