It’s great to see the region abuzz, with plenty of people crawling all over the Central Highlands – either bushwalking, stargazing, sapphire fossicking or, most significantly, taking in one of our regional events, a sector that is well placed to grow year on year.

A key attraction has been Gemfest. By all reports the numbers were through the roof. I heard a whisper that the total attendance was about 2000+ more than last year. The Saturday Night Spectacular on the Rubyvale Flats was also a huge hit and what a great event to be held concurrent with Gemfest to further enhance a visitor’s Sapphire Gemfields experience.

The other notable point is that it’s not only visitors who benefit from these events. Locals were out in droves and across the board money was being spent in local businesses. Surely all of us – local businesses, ratepayers, community groups, councillors, and regional and local tourism bodies – see the benefits of having such events in the region. If you don’t then sorry, your head is in the sand.

Let’s hope that our tourism season continues to thrive over the next coming months.

While we are talking of local businesses, the Central Highlands Business Excellence Awards are once again on in 2017. All business sectors have an aligned category, nomination numbers have been high and entries are now closed. Yes, there are those that will win and those that will not, but regardless of the result, it is important to use the entry submissions to monitor the progress within your business. Look at your submission to see what worked and what could have been done better. Quite often the picture becomes clearer when you have written down your business goals and aspirations.

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