This is the first of my updates in this new role at CHDC. My role is to review and identify the current skills gaps for training and the emerging skills needed to ensure there is supply of skilled local people to meet the demand in the future. The focus is on the tourism, resources and agribusiness sectors.

My experience in the past has been from the eyes of a training organisation, whereas this review is from the eyes of small to large businesses, looking at what training is needed to skill their workforce, what is being offered currently and whether the training is effective for their needs. Not all training needs to be accredited. Instead, the focus is primarily on the needed skills and whether these skills align to a competency or qualification will be one of outcomes of the review.

This role is one of several regionally funded projects under the Queensland Government’s Regional Skills Investment Strategy (RSIS). The project will have direction from a local reference group that will be established to ensure the objectives remain focused on bridging the skills gap and identifying emerging skills required to remain competitive and effective in the Central Highlands’ rapidly growing sectors.

The RSIS Reference Group will be chaired by myself and will include representatives from target industries, Department of Employment, Small Business and Training, and other relevant partners. The reference group will:

  • Provide advice on the development, implementation, delivery and evaluation of the RSIS project.
  • Establish project priorities, objectives and milestones.
  • Initially meet monthly to drive the development of a project plan and to identify key objectives and milestones. The frequency of the meetings will be confirmed at each meeting; however, meetings are to be held on a quarterly basis as a minimum project requirement.
  • Provide specialist advice and support and identify possible training solutions, to be determined locally and in partnership with relevant stakeholders.
  • Promote RSIS and the role of the reference group to industry stakeholders as a forum for collaboration, coordination and innovation.

Over the coming weeks I will be contacting businesses to discuss the skills you need for your staff, who and how do we train these staff in those skills, what training is available and what is needed.

For more information, contact Brad Stallard E: or T: (07) 4982 4386 or M: 0488 780 181.

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