What's on in the Central Highlands

Industry & Innovation Forum 2019

25 July 2019

CHDC hosts an annual Industry and Innovation event at which big and small business work collaboratively to understand, present and agree on future opportunities.

The forum will touch on the following key themes:

• Partnerships: big business driving small business, and small business enabling big business 
• Practical skills: Supply chain readiness (vertical and horizontal), procurement policy and project management systems
• Innovation: engaging local and regional businesses in development opportunities
• Information & Connections: Networks and knowledge management for opportunity. Providing the means for SMEs to use information and connections to inform business strategy, planning, logistics and delivery.

Our industry forums are attended by a range of businesses in our communities across sectors and through entire supply chain spectrums. More than 120 local business leaders, peak industry body representatives, key investors and influencers have attended previous forums. Participants listen to presentations, enquire on information, and discuss opportunities relating to sustainable economic development and future game-changing opportunities for the region.