Joint Statement of Commitment (July 2016)_Page_1Maximising Industry Local Content in Regional Queensland

An innovative project designed to maximise opportunities for regional businesses in Queensland has been spearheaded by the Central Highlands Development Corporation (CHDC).

CHDC has led the formation of the Queensland Local Content Leaders Network (QLCLN) following requests from several resource development proponents for advice and assistance on engaging local suppliers.

The QLCLN is a collective of regional local government, industry and economic development representatives from the Bowen, Galilee and Surat Basins, which grew out of acknowledgment that where it is difficult for an isolated region to achieve strong local content outcomes and progress opportunities, there is strength in partnership.

The QLCLN will be guided by the objectives and principals outlined in the Joint Statement of Commitment: Maximising Industry Local Content in Regional Queensland which provides a formal commitment from the twelve signatories to increase local participation.

“The local content supply chain has long been a key driver of our economic development but until now, there has been no organised response to harness its potential,” CHDC General Manager Sandra Hobbs says.

“The QLCLN takes a proactive, cohesive and collaborative approach to helping our businesses become ‘supply chain ready’ and seeks to advocate for our regional Queensland local businesses as a shared voice.’

“CHDC has worked with a number of resource proponents over recent years but the formation of the QLCLN and the subsequent Joint Statement of Commitment is about intensifying and focusing our efforts into the future.”

Under the initiative, CHDC has affirmed its commitment to working with industry to deliver supply chain opportunities to local operators, to being a convenient communication point for industry and local businesses, and to working cross-regionally, where appropriate, to support initiatives that boost local capability and skills.

Click here to download the Joint Statement of Commitment: Maximising Industry Local Content in Regional Queensland (2016 edition).