Branching out and starting your own business is an exciting, rewarding journey and at CHDC, we want to ensure you are skilled with all the tools available to ensure your new venture is successful.  The business environment is challenging and ever-changing, and being prepared with the right tools and information can make all the difference.


The Federal Government has just released a brand new business guide for starting up.  Check out the free guide here.




Business planning is essential for your business’ success. Setting goals, identifying your market, picking investors, choosing the right suppliers and having an exit plan are all critical components of your set-up process.

Have you considered:

  • Are you ready to start a business?
  • How much establishing a business will cost?
  • What your legal obligations are?
  • What the local business climate looks like?
  • How to best structure your business?
  • What the regulations are for your industry?
  • What licences you might need?

We suggest checking out some of the following handy links before you get started, including the very first steps: writing your business plan and registering your business.  Once you’ve got your bases covered, you can move onto the next stage – growing your business.

Key resources

Starting a business – Business Queensland

Business Planning Toolkit – Business Queensland

Entrepreneurs and start-ups – Advance Queensland

Available grants for new businesses –

Business licences & regulations for your industry – Australian Business Licence & Information Service

Checking existing business names – Australian Securities & Investment Council

Applying for an ABN – Australian Business Registrar

Tax, records and deductions when starting your own business – Australian Taxation Office

Local knowledge 

You can also talk to CHDC about the local business climate in the Central Highlands using REMPLAN data.  We also suggest chatting to your bank, checking out YouTube for some great start-up tips (try searching for “Starting a new business”) or keeping up with events in the area by keeping an eye on CHDC’s Events page. Any local business-building events will be advertised on the Events Calendar and via our fortnightly eNews.

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