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Information Sheet: 2018 Central Highlands Abattoir Feasibility Statement

ACIL Allen Consulting Report

ACIL Allen Consulting (ACIL Allen) was commissioned by the CHDC to investigate the feasibility of constructing a beef abattoir in the Central Highlands region of Queensland. 

The aims of the report were to:
Understand the costs and revenues of constructing an abattoir in the region and the required throughput to ensure the feasibility of an abattoir.
Identify the comparative strengths and challenges of the location of an abattoir in Emerald compared to other regions, and
Detail market trends that will influence the construction of an abattoir in the region. 

The 2018 feasibility study investigated the potential for the abattoir and found that growing and potential demand from the export market for beef products was strong and the Central Highlands region is well placed to service these markets. 

A full copy of the comprehensive report is available on request from CHDC.