Central Highlands Development Corporation

Driving growth & empowering business in the Central Highlands

Central Highlands Economic Master Plan

A foundation for economic development

The Central Highlands Development Corporation (CHDC) in partnership with Central Highlands Regional Council (CHRC) and KPMG have together prepared an economic master plan for the Central Highlands region. The master plan builds on the solid foundations for economic development in the region established in 2013 through the endorsement and implementation of the region’s first economic development strategy.

The 2047 Central Highlands Economic Master Plan (CHEMP) and associated 2017-2022 Action Plan has been developed in consultation with a broad range of industry, government and community stakeholders.

The CHEMP outlines a robust 30 year vision for the Central Highlands economy that is underpinned by four key pillars of the region’s economy – Export Drivers, Population, Workforce and Governance. This vision has been developed to build on existing strengths and opportunities, and presents an opportunity for continued partnerships with government and the private sector to
propel the Central Highlands economy towards a strong future for the community by 2047.