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Central Highlands Agribusiness Capability Statement


Demonstrating the breadth and depth of the agricultural sector, the Central Highlands Agribusiness Capability Statement supports informed investment in the region.  

The Central Highlands agricultural industry is diverse, productive and growing.  In the past five years, the region has outperformed its peers in terms of agricultural GVP per hectare, GVP per capita and growth. From 2011-12 to 2015-16, the average value generated per hectare increased at a cumulative growth rate of 12 per cent, compared to six per cent nationally. 

This single point of third-party verified information, provides a reference for all aspects of agribusiness in the Central Highlands incorporating ABS statistical information, commercial-in-confidence data contributed from private corporations, and ARCGIS data sets.

This key resource was produced with support from the Department of Agriculture & Fisheries and the Central Highlands Regional Council.