Central Highlands Development Corporation

Driving growth & empowering business in the Central Highlands

Central Highlands Accelerate Agribusiness (CHAA)

CHAA Strategic Advisory Group

Launched in October 2016, CHDC’s award-winning Central Highlands Accelerate Agribusiness (CHAA) initiative identifies the region’s comparative advantages and delivers strategic interventions and programs to grow, promote and realise value and opportunity for all agribusiness. 

The skills-based CHAA Strategic Advisory Group has been appointed for a three-year term from 1 February 2017. Collectively, these respected individuals bring strong expertise in grain, cotton, beef, and horticulture, domestic and international supply chain systems, market development and trade, and digital technologies. This dynamic and ambitious leadership team’s great strengths are the diversity of its members’ skills, experience and networks and their shared passion to drive the region forward.

Our Goal: A high and rising standard of living supported by a high -quality business environment that fosters innovation and growing agricultural productivity.

To ensure that the Central Highlands region is positioned to exploit its long-term potential, the CHAA initiative is delivering five core programs: 
Production Excellence
Connected, Competitive Supply Chains
Revered Regional Brand(s)
Ready for Business
Fearless Invention

With our regional partners, we seek to build a vibrant inland corridor of industrial zones linked to quality roads, air, rail, ports, power and telecoms strengthening Queensland’s role in Australia and the world - economically and strategically.