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AgFrontier: Regional Agtech Incubator

Startups to grow globally with AgFrontier

The AgFrontier Regional Agtech Incubator provides startups the opportunity to work and grow in a dedicated program designed specifically for rural businesses and individuals in regional Queensland and northern NSW who have practical understanding of agriculture.

For a cohort of ten startups, the Incubator will provide an intensive, tailored program over 14 months which provides:
  • Access to mentors with national and international expertise
  • A program of regular workshops, coaching, and satellite visits in the regions 
  • Knowledge required to establish, develop and export agtech products and services
  • Facilitates start-ups' access to new national and international investor and peer networks through regional AgTech events and an opportunity to particpate in a Global Linkages Mission to the USA
  • Regionally-based co-working, kitchen and meeting spaces with high speed wifi
  • An opportunity to pitch to investors at the conclusion of the Incubator program; and 
  • The opportunity for introduction and a launching pad to an international start-up TERRA San Francisco, USA
  • Zero equity requirement

Combining X-Labs' startup network and tech ecosystem with CHDC's agribusiness leadership and expertise, AgFrontier's ground-breaking model provides regionally-based startups and spin offs with the opportunity to work and grow in a dedicated Regional AgTech Incubator program.

Pre-Registrations have now closed and we are currently shortlisting from a high quality field of candidates.  We look forward to introducing you to our first crop of talent soon.